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About us

Izzhaar is a young unconventional organization delivering bespoke gifting solutions and more. We love to explore radical explorations of both traditional tastes infused with modernity which is stretched beyond the frontiers of conventional artwork.

We have a reputation of creating sustainable & environment friendly idea led customized gifting products, that don’t just grace the aesthetic of your abode, but be a little more in use so that it is etched in your memory forever.

Our wide range of products, innovative approach, blend of heritage, all-round facilitation & quick turnaround time for delivery makes us the industry frontiers.

Ruchita Bansal

Founder & Creative Director

Ruchita Bansal’s design ideas transcend boundaries – both geographical and conceptual. Taking inspiration from the current trends and traditional concepts, new collections are developed every season. The focus is on the creative expressions where the art and functionality blend to create objects that become joy to behold.

Explore the new world of gifting!

To be a Brand that adds to the Joy an deliver absolute delight to the person giving or receiving a Izzhaar gift.

Our Mission

To be a Brand that adds to the Joy and deliver absolute
delight to the person giving or receiving a Izzhaar gift.

Our Vision

To be the foremost customer centric House of Gifting with
value for money solutions that are bespoke and invoke desire.

Unicorn Story

The mystical animal represents the spirit of Izzhaar and hence qualifies to be our logo. It is this mystical spirit that the bespoke creations we deliver just seem legendary creations that are found only in fictional story books and too good to believe imaginations. Mystical to a point, elegant and unique to every discerning eye the Unicorn symbolises the creations at Izzhaar.

Izzhaar is a young AND unconventional organization delivering bespoke AND optimized gifting solutions and more to its clients. Our intuitive vision is to create value WITH sustainability.

We strive hard to deliver products that complete and complement your expectations. A convergence where expectation meets imagination.

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