Amaze your Guests with Izzhaar’s Stellar Wedding E-Invites

Among many other things you plan for your big day, luxury wedding invitations take the first seat as soon as you are done finalizing your guest list. Perhaps sending out printed invitations to your near and dear ones can be quite taxing amidst all the wedding planning. Therefore, a lot of people these days are opting for e-invitations. They look wonderful, environment-friendly, and save a lot of time and money. The best part is you don’t have to compromise on style and designs. With so many fresh & new designs available at your disposal, you can go as simple or as detailed as you want.

Getting the wedding e-invite of your dreams is no big deal if you know how to find the resources and solutions. But knowing exactly what you are looking for in terms of aesthetics, theme, and content can definitely help you get started with your search for that perfect e-wedding invitation.

To make your hunt easier, we’ve curated a roundup of some of the best and most popular e-wedding invitations at Izzhaar. Dive in to check out these magical artworks and pick the best one for your wedding.

Royal Gala

This theme is best represented by gold accents and dashes of rich shades like royal blue and amethyst. Showcasing the delicate artwork with soaring fonts, this invite is all about elegance and class. Wedding stationery should follow the same streak as the wedding invitation to keep the theme cohesive.

A Date with Vintage

Another extremely popular trend in e-invitations is incorporating a good vintage treatment to the design. Vintage wedding invitation theme is classic, elegant, and timeless. This is one theme that will never go out of style and embodies all the right ingredients to make your big day a memorable one.

The Spring Edit

Flower themed wedding and invitations bring colours to life. This alluring theme is perfect for free-spirited couples who love an effortless vibe. This design perfectly blends gold accents with earthy elements to give a unique touch to your invitations.

Thanks to new advancements in technology, wedding planning and execution have become extremely effortless. The need-of-the-hour trend, e-wedding invitations has caught a lot of attention of young couples lately and is likely to grow exponentially in the coming years. E-invitations will substantially cut down your wedding expenses without cramping your style, as well as rule out errors and delivery mistakes. So, what are you waiting for- select your design, request customization and get your e-invite delivered directly to your email. You can also browse a huge selection of e-party invite for special events.

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