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The fashionistas are at it. The socialites are doing it. The cognoscenti has been doing it for many years and they are still looking for the unusual. It’s become a trend now and we see many a stylish response to curate a gifting journey from the Roka ceremony to Vidai. It’s an idea whose time has come. So, themes are selected and dreamt of. Some original likes are poured in. The ideas are converted in expressive masterpieces. That is what the creative geniuses at Izzhaar have been attempting. To interpret the desires and give them a shape that runs though the entire wedding. Pick up the Royal Peshkari suggestion for one.

This Peach Peshkari collection is complete set for the wedding journey from Roka to Wedding Return Favour, inclusive Wedding trunk Invitations, Static Invites, Silver coated bowl, Silver coated containers, scroll invitations, sweet box, Coasters, Trays & Platters and many more. Also, this peach colour theme that ran through the wedding of the let’s say Mehtas’ (this surname is curated for the blog!).

Where did they begin! With the usual ritual when an agreement of getting married is made and a traditional Roka ceremony turns it formal. Check the beautifully embroidered Sagan envelopes from Izzhaar for the traditional exchange of salutations to the near and dear ones on either side of the families.

For the return present a unique silver coated Three Storey Tiffin with Silver Coated knife and fork was presented.

The Sagai ceremony is sometimes more neatly planned than other ceremonies. Firstly, for the Mehtas’ it was the formal announcement amongst the social contacts and relatives and secondly it is the ceremonial start of the celebrations. The sagai ceremony was also a thematic part of the unique journey. Izzhaar created some finely crafted Ginni Boxes, to add more value to the specially crafted Ginni that was being gifted. These Peach Coloured “Thikri print” Square Ginni Box and Sagan Envelopes were inspired by Amer fort.

For the Ring Ceremony a Spherical Ring Platter, fenced with flowers was created that had people expressing their joy and amazement at the arrangement.

Post the Ring Ceremony there was cake cutting ceremony by the couple and for the cake a beautiful and ornamental Cake dome with brass cake stand and Glass cover and Humming bird on the top of it was fabricated to continue with the theme.

All the guests, who joined in the Sagai ceremony, were given a White Pearl Mobile Pouch as a return Gift with a Sweet Box.

As the wedding dates closed in and the various ceremonies were in full bloom some thoughtful gifts like Peacock designed Haldi Holder, with peach square box were created as a gift on Mehndi for the ladies

Along with beautifully beaded cylindrical Bangle Box which was much appreciated!

The wedding invites were of two types. One was for especially close relatives and a different one for the other invitees. The special invitees were sent a Peach Peshkari wedding invitation trunk with silver locks & border inclusive of Peshkari print jars (2) & static invites

The other invitees were also in for a beautiful surprise with the elegant Floral printed peach basket with silver robe & Peach Lacquer wedding invitation trunk.

The Guests who arrived continued to experience the Peach Colour theme and the design elegance that had been set in motion from the time of the Roka Ceremony. The snack tray in the rooms were elegant and with sumptuous contents in a -Peach Gingham Rectangular Box Hamper inclusive of 4 big glass jars & 5 small glass jars filled with nuts, refreshment & fox nut candies.

When the guests were returning from the wedding ceremonies to their home a small Hamper with a Silver Handle containing edibles, soft drinks and refreshments for the journey were packed with each person.

The return gifts were also to be stylish and memorable. Something that would remind the guests of a wedding that was enjoyable and stylish and original and planned to the T- A Peach Photo Frame with silver laser cut and candle stand with jasmine fragrance was shared.

The ceremonies and the detailed planning had the Mehtas’ inundated with congratulatory messages and many years later the Mehtas’ find the Hampers shared during the wedding and as invites still in use with the invites who were fortunate to attend the wedding!

Check out our YouTube link:https://youtu.be/A4lhjw2I6ic to see our digital invites.

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