Indian Weddings across Cultures, Curated by Izzhaar

Indian weddings are an epitome of diverse cultures which encompasses various traditions that have been followed for the longest time. It not only instils the sense of being attached to one’s roots but also adds a uniqueness of its own.

Every family has their own tradition for blessing the couple and celebrating this beautiful sacrament lavishly. The plethora of rituals makes the Indian weddings more extravagant. They are a signature of what we call, elegance!

Marwari Weddings

Marwari or Rajasthani weddings are strongly rooted in culture and tradition, and thus have a rich heritage about them,making it worth knowing about. The week-long wedding affair is an elaborate, regal and vibrant affair.


Jain Weddings

The Jain community in India are the oldest followers of the Sramana traditions. Largely, a business-oriented community. They also have a strong presence abroad. The group is known for close-knit and strong family ties and simple approaches to life. So, when a Jain marriage ceremony takes place, it is a strong celebration of family and friends – simple in ethos and yet expansive in scale. While the traditions and customs may differ by region, but their essence remains the same.


Christian Weddings

On the day of the wedding, two rituals are performed individually at bride’s and groom’s home after which they step out to proceed to the church. The wedding ceremonies are conducted at the church. To welcome the bride, groom and their families’ little girls carrying flowers walk first through the church aisle and then the other people enter the church. To symbolize wellbeing and prosperity, families bring baskets containing flowers and fruits in the church.


Sikh Weddings

In Sikhism, The Sikh Marriage Ceremony Is Known asthe ‘Anand Karaj’ Meaning ‘Blissful Union’. The Four Lavan, (The Hymns Which Are Sung During the Ceremony) Were Composed by Guru Ram Das. The Ceremony Itself Was First Introduced by His Predecessor Guru Amar Das. In Sikh Weddings Pre and Post Wedding Ceremonies Can Span Over Several Days.


Muslim weddings

Muslim Nikah Ceremonie shave traditions and practices that relate to wedding ceremonies and marriage rituals prevailing within the Muslim world. Although Islamic marriage customs and relations vary depending on country of origin, both Muslim men and women from around the world are guided by Islamic laws and practices specified in the Quran.


Bengali Weddings

Bengali weddings like most other Indian weddings are a blend of traditional customs and rituals with a touch of modernity. These weddings are full of colour and vivacity. Also, a marriage leads to reunion of family members and old friends. New relations are made and old ones get further strengthened. In a way, a marriage signifies the beginning of a new journey not just for the couple but for the entire clan.


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