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There’s a lot of planning involved when organizing an event (fundraiser or a corporate luncheon), but one thing that’s prevalent in all types of events is the invitation that needs to be sent out. The type of invitation that you choose sets the tone of the event long before it opens the doors for the guests. Whether you select a sophisticated, traditional or a minimal one, a compelling invitation can entice your guests into looking forward to your event.

To be able to comprehend this philosophy better, we have put together some innovative and refreshing corporate invitation ideas that have had a magnifying effect on our clients.

The Motif Story

We all are aware of the rise and fall of the “Motifs” trend, but this year this classic feat has made a huge comeback and how. While vibrant prints in soothing colours never go out of style, this corporate invitation shows just how glamorous the motif can be. The colourful interpretation creating a whimsical appeal is sure to mesmerize your guests and make them look forward to attending the event.

The Checkers

If you prefer your invites to have an edge, then this classic, bold design punches above its weight. Geometric Patterns are giving a new meaning to creativity. They have a modern vibe creating an eye-catching new approach for invites as well as business appreciation gift. If you are seeking an exuberant yet simplistic design, this one was created with exactly that in mind.

Leather Glory

Add a hint of vintage style to your corporate gifting with this classic style by Izzhaar. The soft and natural texture of leather creates a superior feeling of warmth that makes the invitation interesting to look at and touch. If you want something that people haven’t done before, and your guests to be wowed, this is definitely going to help be the talk of the town.

All things Gold

Invitations with gold accents are always drop-dead gorgeous. They are bold, flawless and opulent. Gold is an ideal theme for most upscale events because of the luxurious atmosphere that it conveys. This particular invitation box with the 3D effect is designed to capture as well as retain the attention of the receiver.

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