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Creative Lohri Gift Ideas Guide | Lohri Hampers 2023

Lohri is a prime wintertime folk festival enthusiastically observed throughout most of North India. It marks the end of the winter solstice and the start of longer days. A festival of traditions, love, and family gatherings is best enjoyed by lighting the bonfire, dancing around it, and enjoying treats like Rewadies, Gazaks, and others. People enthusiastically honor the festival by giving Lohri gifts to their loved ones. Choosing the ideal Lohri present for family members, close friends, and loved ones is of the utmost importance. Convey your best wishes, warm greetings, and gratitude to your loved ones in this festival of Gidda and Bhangra with unique and innovative Lohri gift ideas

Let’s explore the unique gifting ideas for Lohri:

Til Ladoo, Rewadi, Gazak Sweet Box or Hamper:
Complete the Lohri vibe with the delicious Rewadi treats, Til Ladoo, and Gazak Sweet Box or Hamper.
These sweet delicacies are the perfect, binge-worthy, flavorsome combo of taste and health. Give your loved ones a full Punjabi-sweet treat.

Cable Knot Basket: Dive into the taste delight with Izzhaar’s Cable Knot Basket Big, a regal gourmet hamper comprising Four uniquely printed-metallic boxes containing Besan Heeng Kachori, Heeng Jeera Peanut, Peanut, Ladoo, and Rewadi along with cheesy sriracha popcorn and caramel popcorn to give you a rich taste of luxury. This taste of opulence comes packed in a macrame box with an interesting leaf pattern, cable knot detailing along with easy-to-carry side handles. Now give your festival, occasions, and special moments, a sustainable and natural flavor. Reuse the box for storing your favorite.

Rectangular Cable Knot Box : Perfect for enhancing and uplifting the energy quotient of any festival or special moment. The astounding gourmet box consists of mouthwatering Cham Cham Gajak and Besan Heeng Kachori in unique small blue colored sweet boxes. This luxurious taste explosion is perfect for your family, relatives, and friends. 

Cubical Cable Knot Box: Splurge in Izzhaar’s Cubical Cable Knot Box to give your guests the taste of supreme delight and delicacy. The state-of-the-art gourmet box consists of delectable Rewari and Pista Gajak Potli. This finest amalgamation of optimum taste with health is the perfect gift for your family, relatives, and friends. Suitable for all occasions, the Cubical Cable Knot Box is more-than-suitable for reusing. Give any special moment a twist of sustainability and feel closer to Mother Nature. 

Gourmet Trunks
Pack your favorite gourmet delectables in avant-garde trunks to give them a complete Punjabi-energy feel. The colorful trunks comprising various gourmet sweets and savories are much needed to give that special zing to your favorite festival.

Soho Vibrance, an artistic gourmet hamper by Izzhaar to raise the mercury of the Lohri vibe.Give your guests the taste of opulence and deliciousness with the distinctive flavorsome assortments of Gud sweets, exotic sweets, and savories.The distinctive flavorsome tastes come packed in a woven patterned multicolored trunk with an innovative lock and easy-to-carry handle and offer a scrumptious taste ride to your festival, special occasion, or home or office event. The vibrant colors bring life and energy to any party or occasion. Reuse it for keeping your valuables or use as an indoor decor trunk.

Boho Divine is here to give festive zeal and a delightful vibe to your favorite Lohri festival. The exotic sweets and savories packed in avant-garde and the outstanding trunk are perfect for gifting to your family members, relatives, and friends. The luxurious and innovative tastes come packed in an interesting patterned multicolored trunk with an innovative lock and easy-to-carry handle giving an enthusiastic and joyful taste ride to your festival, occasion, or event. Bring a surprising element with this avant-garde trunk of aesthetics. Reuse it for keeping your valuables or use as a home decor trunk. 

Flavored Popcorns

Flavored popcorns in interesting bags or potlis packing will add a distinct allure to your gifts. You will become the talk of the town with these amazing gift sets. Coming in distinct flavors ranging from sweet to hot and spicy, they make suitable Lohri gift sets.

Eco-friendly Gifts
This Lohri, leave the finest impression on your guests by offering them Eco-friendly Gifts. Eco-friendly gifts have their own charm and encourage the guests to practice sustainability. Cane or bamboo baskets, organic fruits or gourmet baskets, cane trays, wooden trays, jars, bowls, and several others make a sustainable gift that removes the extra burden from Mother Nature.

Seed Knot : Izzhaar brings the tasty, delicious, and mouth-watering, epitome of an artisanal culinary Seed Knot gourmet hamper. The outstanding hamper comprises four printed jars of supreme goodness packed with Heeng Jeera Peanut, heeng Kachori, Rewadi, and Til Ladoo. Coming in an out-of-the-box macrame bag with an easy-to-carry wooden handle and alluring rustic wooden beads, this sweet and savory hamper is the best gift for you and your loved ones.

Berry Knot : Relish in the sea of flavours with Berry Knot and dive into the goodness of health and Flavor. Coming in a macrame bag with an easy-to-carry handle comprising three jars of sublime taste enriched in Rewari, Quinoa Puffs, and Besan Heeng Kachori, they are a perfect fit for all festivals, special occasions, events, or moments. The bag is versatile as along with making it a gift hamper, you can reuse it later for keeping your favorite belongings. 

Spiral Knot : Izzhaar brings the most amazing taste-bomb fusion with the toothsome Spiral Knot gourmet sweet hamper. The flavoursome gourmet sweets and savoury with a twist of tradition are packed in a macrame carry bag adorned with golden embellishments and fabric fringes and an easy-to-carry braided handle. 


Traditional art pieces, mirror frames, idols, and others make a beautiful gift to the people you adore and love. When they will adorn their homes with the decorative items you have given, they will definitely thank you for your generosity.

Thus, you know now how to make this Lohri joyous for your family members, relatives, and friends.

Still in doubt? Contact, Izzhaar, your One-Stop Store for all Luxury Giftings for the special, magical, and magnificent Lohri collection. Izzhaar is known for offering avant-garde gourmet hampers, handcrafted goods, and sustainable products.

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