Grace Life's Milestones With
Izzhaar's Zilver Range.

Izzhaar presents ‘Zilver’. A range of thick, high-micron plated gift items. An epitome of craftsmanship, intricate details & design, Zilver is not just striking but eminently gorgeous in appearance. Stunningly versatile, the products include Candle Stands, Diya Stands, Goblets, Tumblers & Glasses, Serving Bowls, Incense stands and Food Servers. Be it Weddings, Baby Announcements or Birthdays Gifts, Zilver is a range that can make gifting a joy in every occasion. Izzhaar Zilver is the answer to your search for all those gifting occasions that requires only the best from you.

Candle Stands

Find the perfect candle stands for your dinners

Set an intimate dinner for the two of you with Izzhaar Zilver Candle Stands to light it up that would not only enhance the special romantic mood but would be forever memorable.

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Goblets, Tumblers & Glasses

Excellent Choices for Luxury Gifting

The range of Izzhaar Zilver Goblets, Tumbler and Glasses would take your breath away with their beauty. Make them a part of your own Crockery collection or just gift them to your most loved person.

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Serving Bowls, Plates & Thalis

Best of Izhaar's Silver Ware

With an idea of not just keeping it on the shelves but including them in your day-to-day usage, Izzhaar Zilver Serving Bowls, plates and Thalis can add glamour to your lavish soirées

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Diya Stands

Perfect Gifts For House-warming

No worship is complete without the most exquisite set of Diya Stands from Izzhaar Zilver. Whether you would gift them or would like to adorn your own home temple is your choice.

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Incense Stands

Something for your home décor

Meant to hold the incense that burns next to the altar or inside the meditation room, while your favourite aroma drifts across the room, this exquisitely crafted incense stand holds its position of pride. Izzhaar Zilver Incense Stands understands the emotion attached to such items that can be gifted only perhaps to your Mother.

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Tea Sets

Special Tea Sets in Silver For Premium Gifts

Whether it's the High Tea gathering of friends or an intimate tête-à-tête Izzhaar Zilver Tea Set lets any conversation reach a new high. Perfect for those who prefer enjoying the good things that their lifestyle brings.

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Rajgharana Collection Containers

An epitome of Class, Elegance & Taste

A range of 4 metal containers from Izzhaar Zilver in Silver, Copper, Brass and Bronze, meant for serving Nuts and Mouth Fresheners. A royal touch for those special guests or events that require the best of class.

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