Izzhaar at the Press Conference of 23rd Edition of International Film Academy Awards 2023 - IZZHAAR® Official | Expression of Joy | IzzhaarKaro

For the past 8 years, Izzhaar has represented joy and festivity. Being a part of someone’s vision coming true is simply something we like doing. The design and craftsman team at Izzhaar is expertly trained to make such fantasies a reality, and they are working tirelessly to ensure that the entire thematic concept of the event destination, Abu Dhabi, is seamlessly included into the IIFA invitation boxes.

The magnificent metal chessboard symbolises the opulence of the UAE and the IIFA 2023 gala in Abu Dhabi, the country’s capital. This well-liked strategic game is made even more alluring by its striking black and gold appearance with an Izzhaar twist. Working on the designs and producing them in a short period of time is no easy task, but succeeding at it each time inspires Izzhaar to do even better. When you open the box, it leads you past Abu Dhabi’s famous sights while revealing the symbolic towers in the form of chess pieces.

The important structures of Etihad Arena, Adnoc HQ, and Nation Tower stand tall on the squares of Rook, Knight, and Bishop, respectively, just as Shaikh and Shaykhah depict the King and the Queen, and IIFA’s trophies take the position of pawns and sit gracefully on the board. Additionally, this magnificent Izzhaar golden chess board that oozes incredible elegance can add glitz to your living area.

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