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Discover the art of gifting with our curated collection of festival and occasion gifts. From holiday presents to anniversary tokens and birthday milestones, our thoughtful gestures are designed to celebrate special moments and create unforgettable memories. These heartwarming expressions of affection are timeless traditions that help you express love and gratitude. Explore our range of treasured keepsakes, carefully selected for meaningful connections and cherished memories

  • IZZHAAR Tureen Zumra Bowl Hamper

    Enhance your dining area with our Tureen Zumra serving bowls, curated by Izzhaar and inspired by Arabian designs. This stainless steel set, showcased in captivating packaging, boasts five intricately hammered bowls encircling a central masterpiece on a sleek pedestal. Packaged elegantly in a toile print square box with French toile print and decorative robbins, it’s a hassle-free gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, housewarmings, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or baby showers—eliminating last-minute hassles.

  • Midnight Hibiscus Scented Candle Jar (Black)

    Crafted with care the black scented soy wax candle features a captivating rose design Non-toxic and soot-free it enhances your space with tranquil fragrances After use repurpose the jar as a chic trinket container

  • Midnight Hibiscus Scented Candle Jar (White)

    Crafted with care the white scented soy wax candle features a captivating rose design Non-toxic and soot-free it enhances your space with tranquil fragrances After use repurpose the jar as a chic trinket container

  • Timber Tales Exotic Cheese Platter

    Discover the perfect gift: Izzhaar’s Timber Tales Exotic Cheese Platter Crafted from eco-friendly wood it elevates hosting with a rotating design for stylish presentation Complete with bowls and knives for easy entertaining

  • Platter Serving Tray

    Snow Forest Marble Square Serving Platter

    Elevate hosting with the Snow Forest Marble Square Serving Platter Crafted from premium wood with a luxurious marble centerpiece it impressively arranges treats enhancing the culinary experience A statement piece for any collection

  • Amanat Table Placemat & Napkin Set (33*48cm Placemats & 40*40cm Napkins)

    Experience the elegance of Izzhaar’s Amanat Table Placemat and Napkin Set Crafted from 100% cotton in a refreshing lime sage shade this set boasts a sophisticated design and impeccable finish Versatile in its use it not only protects but also elevates your dining experience with a touch of refinement and unparalleled style

  • Amanat 6 Place Mat and 6 Napkin Set ( 33x48cm Placemats & 45x45cm Napkins)

    Izzhaar’s Amanat Table Placemat and Napkin Set: Elegant 100% cotton in lime sage sophisticated design with a flawless finish Versatile protects and elevates your dining experience with refinement and style

  • Timber Tales Hand Painted Tray Platter

    Introducing our Hand-Painted Round Tray, a masterpiece of elegance. Meticulously adorned with vibrant scenes of exotic birds and flora, this functional yet decorative tray elevates your dining and entertaining experience. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, it adds sophistication and natural beauty to your decor. Perfect for serving or display, it’s a canvas for showcasing culinary creations. Infuse your space with the splendor of nature and elevate your hosting experience with this artful creation, a testament to craftsmanship and creativity

  • UTSAV Ek Dant Ganesh Idol

    Elevate your decor with our Resin Ekdant Ganesh, a hand-carved masterpiece. Vibrant colors and intricate details infuse positivity and charm into your space. This figurine, symbolizing success and auspiciousness, is perfect for any room. Let Lord Ganesha’s presence inspire your surroundings.

  • Mustang Royal Jar

    Discover the Mustang Royal Jar, a masterpiece from our ‘Mustang Collection.’ Crafted from stainless steel with a luxurious silver matte finish, it exudes sophistication. Perfect as decor or a conversation starter, this trophy-shaped jar blends quality and elegance. Stainless steel with a flawless silver electroplated coating.

  • Tureen Trio Bowl Stand

    Tureen Trio Bowl Stand, a masterpiece of craftsmanship carefully fashioned from premium stainless steel. Transform your culinary presentation with this set of three captivating tureen bowls elegantly poised on a sleek stand, flanked by two gracefully designed side supports. Each bowl is graced with a crafted lid crowned by a gleaming stainless steel knob, adding a touch of sophistication to your hosting experience. Drawing inspiration from the Arabic word ‘Tureen’, which translates to ‘bowl’, this collection seamlessly blends timeless aesthetics with modern utility. The ‘Tureen Trio Bowl Stand’ is a true gem in the coveted tureen collection, offering a tasteful addition to your kitchen ensemble. Unleash your creativity and transform this versatile set into a serving spectacle, a chic shagun gift, or a token of appreciation for any celebration. Elevate the art of gifting and elevate your culinary finesse with this stunning trio bowl stand.

  • INARA Dessert Dome

    Introducing the Tureen Cupcake Dome by Izzhaar, a fusion of function and finesse. With a brass-plated metal base and a hammered stainless steel trapeze dome lid, this piece is as striking as it is practical. The knob, more than just a handle, is a conversation piece. While perfect for preserving cupcakes, it can also showcase your keepsakes. Transform it into a stylish trinket holder or a captivating centerpiece. Experience the fusion of aesthetics and utility – a true essential for tasteful connoisseurs.

  • Tureen Zumra Bowls

    Elevate your dining experience with the ‘Tureen Zumra’ bowl set from Izzhaar. This Arabic-inspired designer set features five intricately hammered stainless steel bowls encircling a central masterpiece, all on a sleek ring pedestal. The craftsmanship is remarkable, with semi-circle lids for each bowl adorned with functional yet ornamental stainless steel knobs. ‘Zumra’, meaning ‘group’ or ‘cluster’ in Arabic, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this set. The interplay of the five bowls adds Middle Eastern charm and practicality to your kitchen or dining area. The Tureen Zumra is a versatile centerpiece for any occasion, ideal for serving and gifting dry fruits, combining elegance and utility to leave a lasting impression.

  • Tureen Capo Bowl

    Bring home the Arabic culinary elegance and serve your guests in style with the exquisite Tureen Capo Bowl—a masterpiece that seamlessly blends elegance and functionality. Crafted from premium stainless steel, this captivating semi-circle bowl redefines serving, as it gracefully rests upon a brass ring pedestal, evoking a sense of regal charm. The ‘Tureen Capo Bowl’ takes its name from ‘capo,’ meaning ‘chief’ or ‘head’ in Italian—a fitting moniker for this single, substantial bowl that takes center stage on its meticulously designed metal ring base. The semi-circle lid, adorned with a beautifully crafted stainless steel knob, complements the bowl’s aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to every serving. Ideal for both gifting and presenting an assortment of dry fruits, the Tureen Capo Bowl is more than a serving piece—it’s a statement of refined taste and a symbol of culinary finesse. Elevate your gatherings, celebrate with flair, and indulge in the epitome of luxury dining with this stunning masterpiece.

  • Tureen Nut Bowl Set

    Five sleek stainless steel bowls poised on a stand exude modern charm, topped with opulent gold tuft knobs for added luxury. Beyond nut-serving, these bowls showcase culinary creativity, organize skincare essentials, or grace your workspace. The Tureen Nut Bowl set transforms into a stylish organizer, ideal for gifting, reflecting your style. Elevate celebrations with an elegant and versatile present. Discover endless ways to infuse panache into daily life with this curated set.

  • Zinn Vistosa Tray with Wooden Handle

    Elevate gatherings with a sea green serving tray, a coastal-inspired masterpiece. Its soothing color evokes the ocean’s embrace, setting a relaxed tone for any occasion. The textured surface mimics gentle waves and presents your creations gracefully. With a wooden handle, it exudes natural elegance, bringing seaside whimsy to your moments. This practical and captivating tray turns meals into coastal adventures, letting you savor flavors in a laid-back atmosphere. Elevate your dining experience with a touch of coastal allure.

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