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  • Shubh Rakhi

    Embrace the spirit of festivity of Rakhsha Bandhan with the magnificent Rakhi curated by Izzhaar! Shubh Rakhi is a simple and elegant addition to your Rakhi rituals that the sacred bond between siblings. With its graceful design, it is sure to captivate hearts and enhance the joyous spirit of Raksha Bandhan. Our designer features a harmonious blend of colors, with vibrant red and yellow threads delicately put together. At the centre of this resplendent Rakhi rests a beautiful white conch, symbolizing purity and auspiciousness. It serves as a classic reminder of the deep-rooted connection shared by brothers and sisters.

  • Anmol Rakhi

    Izzhaar introduces the precious gift for your sibling this, Raksha Bandha! The exquisite ‘Anmol Rakhi’ embodies the eternal bond between siblings in a shimmering embrace. Crafted with finesse, this sterling silver Rakhi is more than a thread; it’s a symbol of love, protection, and cherished memories. The focal point is an alluring eye-shaped silver pendant representing the unique vision a sister holds for her brother’s happiness. The silver marquise elegantly dangles from a black beaded silver chain, a fusion of classic and contemporary, uniting tradition with modernity. The rakhi’s tale unfolds further as delicate silver ball beads add grace, and the lobster claw lock secures the promise of everlasting connection. With “Anmol Rakhi,” sisters bestow not just a thread but a legacy of affection. Let this Raksha Bandhan be adorned with the shimmer of sterling silver and boundless love, celebrating the cherished sibling bond in a truly unforgettable way. Since this is an authentic piece of jewelry, you can cherish it for years by taking good care of it and keeping it safe. Use a soft cloth to wipe clean. Avoid contact with chemicals like perfume, store in dry and cool, keep it away from direct sunlight.

  • Haritashm Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi

    Discover the essence of tranquility and love with our exquisite Bhaiya Bhabhi Turquoise Gemstone Rakhi set. Embodying the serene and captivating turquoise color, the rakhi set symbolizes harmony, protection, and positivity, making them a perfect token of affection for your beloved siblings. Crafted with finesse, the lively beads of turquoise gemstone are delicately strung together on a gold-plated brass metal chain, creating a mesmerizing piece of art that is sure to win hearts. The set features two stunning rakhis – one with loosely beaded bracelets adorned with trace chains on both sides, imparting an elegant charm. The second rakhi has two chains beautifully hanging, one flaunting a captivating big pendant-like stone accompanied by a small oval bead, while the other embraces a graceful round bead at the end of the chain, adding a touch of uniqueness to the design. Embrace the spirit of Raksha Bandhan and celebrate the bond of love with this remarkable turquoise gemstone Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi set, radiating positivity, peace, and balance in every thread. Spread the joy of togetherness and protect the sacred bond with this handcrafted gift, honoring the special connection you share with your beloved siblings.

  • Donut Eraser Rakhii

    Delight your little ones with the most adorable and unique Donut Eraser Kids Rakhi, handcrafted with love from silicon rubber! Look at the charm of our delicious-looking donut rakhi that will instantly capture every child’s heart. The pastel hues infused into this rakhi lend a soothing and playful appearance, making it an absolute delight for the eyes. Not only will they adore the fun design, but they’ll also cherish the practicality of having an eraser at their fingertips for the creative marvel! Celebrate the sibling bond with this delightful and functional rakhi that doubles the fun festivity. Let your kids indulge in the joy of wearing a scrumptious donut rakhi that will bring smiles and spark their imagination. Grab one now and make this Raksha Bandhan an unforgettable treat!

  • Castle Eraser Rakhi

    Delight your little ones with the most adorable and unique Castle Eraser Rakhi, handcrafted with love from non-toxic rubber! Look at the charm of our delicious-looking donut rakhi that will instantly capture every child’s heart. The pastel hues infused into this rakhi lend a soothing and playful appearance, making it an absolute fancy delight for the eyes. Not only will they adore the fun design, but they’ll also cherish the practicality of having an eraser at their fingertips for the creative marvel! Celebrate the sibling bond with this delightful and functional rakhi that doubles the fun festivity. Let your kids indulge in the joy of wearing a scrumptious donut rakhi that will bring smiles and spark their imagination. Grab one now and make this Raksha Bandhan an unforgettable treat!

  • Haritah Rakhi

    Izzhaar introduces the exquisite Green Sugar Druzy Stone Rakhi – a mesmerizing fusion of opulence and elegance. The rakhi showcases the captivating emerald green color, symbolizing positivity, creativity, and freshness, evoking a profound sense of peace and balance in your bond. The lush green hue embodies the essence of growth and harmony, making it a perfect token of love for your beloved brother. Crafted with detail, the druzy stone is delicately nestled in gold-plated brass metal, adding a touch of sophistication. The mustard-colored twined thread complements the rich green tone, beautifully enhancing its allure. A thoughtful gold bead in the center allows for easy adjustments, ensuring a perfect fit on your brother’s wrist. Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with the Green Sugar Druzy Stone Rakhi, an embodiment of affection and timeless elegance, truly epitomizing the special connection you share with your brother. Let this beautiful rakhi be a symbol of your unbreakable bond.

  • Racing Car Eraser Rakhi

    Izzhaar brings the Racing Eraser Car Rakhi – a unique and thrilling creation that will ignite the joy of Raksha Bandhan in every child’s heart! Immerse your little ones in a world of excitement with this vibrant blue eraser rakhi, crafted to resemble a speedy racing car! Its lively appearance is a surefire way to delight kids as they eagerly tie it around their wrists. The rakhi features light-colored bands adorned with a charming flower-shaped bead in the center, adding a touch of elegance to the fun design. Celebrate the bond of love and protection with the Racing Eraser Car Rakhi, making this Raksha Bandhan an unforgettable and playful experience for your little racers! Spread happiness and joy as they wear this uniquely crafted rakhi, and let the siblings’ love zoom to new heights like a high-speed adventure!

  • Evil Eye Charm

    Bring home the enchanting aura of the “Evil Eye Charm” Rakhi – a stunning fusion of tradition and modernity that will dazzle your senses! This exquisite rakhi features a sheen black beaded chain, adorned with a mesmerizing multi-color circle of gold metal, boasting a radiant blue evil eye on a gleaming white backdrop, all encircled by a vibrant red border. Its artful craftsmanship embodies love and protection, making it the perfect tie for siblings of all ages – kids and adults alike! Embrace the spirit of the festivities with this versatile Rakhi that not only reflects your unique style but also carries the powerful essence of warding off negativity. Celebrate the bond of love with the Evil Eye Charm Rakhi – a symbol of eternal protection and affection.

  • Unicorn Charm Rakhi

    Embrace the enchantment of sibling love with our exquisite Unicorn Charm Rakhi! This mesmerizing rakhi is a fusion of modern elegance and magical charm that will leave your sibling spellbound. The alluring sheen black beads, delicately adorned on a beautifully crafted metal chain, add a touch of sophistication to this delightful rakhi. In the heart of this enchanting bracelet, a multi-color metal unicorn gleams with a rainbow of hues, symbolizing the joy and wonder of cherished memories shared with your sibling. Its captivating presence makes this rakhi a cherished keepsake that both kids and adults can wear with pride. Celebrate the bond of siblinghood that transcends age and time with this versatile rakhi, and watch as it brings a beaming smile to your sibling’s face. Spread the magic of love and togetherness with our Unicorn Charm Rakhi – a token of love as unique and precious as the unicorn itself!

  • Minion Knot Rakhi

    Get ready to unravel the charm of creativity and joy with our one-of-a-kind ‘Minion Real Watch Rakhi’ made of quality silicone rubber! It’s not just a rakhi; it’s a fun-filled adventure for your little ones. Imagine tying a rakhi adorned with adorable Minion emojis embellished with a feng shui beaded bracelet extended with a trendy trace chain with a secure lobster claw lock. This rakhi is not only stylish but also a delightful accessory that kids will love to flaunt. With the bright blue and yellow colors of our beloved Minions, this rakhi is simply captivating, making it a perfect token of love and friendship. Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with an extra touch of playfulness and nostalgia. Make this festival one-of-a-kind for your kids with our fun-filled Minion Real Watch Rakhi! Grab yours now and spread smiles everywhere.

  • Lock N Key Pearl Rakhi

    This Rakhi, Izzhaar brings the mesmerizing ‘Lock n Key Rakhi’! Celebrate the bond of siblings with this contemporary marvel that fuses tradition and innovation. The modern rakhi is exquisitely adorned with crafted metal lock and key, showcasing fine artistry. Embracing elegance, the design is enhanced with lustrous white pearls, three on each side, gracefully dancing along a gold-plated brass metal chain. For utmost security, a sturdy lobster lock ensures it stays firmly in place. Unlock the joy of Raksha Bandhan with this unique rakhi that appeals to both kids and adults alike. The “Lock n Key Rakhi” is more than a thread; it’s a timeless connection, a symbol of affection, and a treasure to cherish. Strengthen the bond with your sibling in style, this Raksha Bandhan!

  • Pangeran Rakhi & Lumba

    Celebrate the bond of love and adorn your wrists with the stunning Sampada Bhaiya Bhhabhi Rakhi. The features a clear crystal rough stone artfully placed in the center of 18k gold plated brass metal, adding an unmatched touch of elegance and opulence to your festivities. For your beloved Bhaiya, the rakhi showcases a straight and shapeless opal stone, embraced on both sides by 18k gold plated brass, and delicately attached to a vibrant red-orange mauli thread, symbolizing love and affection from both sides. As for your beloved Bhabhi, a breath-taking pendant awaits, adorned with four opal stones in various shapes clustered on metall brass, exuding grace and charm. A single stone, placed half an inch apart, is lovingly secured in gold plated brass, attached with a trace chain above. But that’s not all ? this exquisite crystal Rakhi can double up as a stylish piece of jewelry or accessory too. Embrace the spirit of togetherness and splendor with these classic creations!

  • Morada Joya Rakhi & Lumba

    Nothing can beat the elegance of minimalism! Izzhaar introduces ‘Morada Joya Rakhi & Lumba’ for minimalists out there! The bright purple stones gracefully adorn the gold-plated brass metal, creating a view exuding an elegance. The lavender burst within the stone amplifies its beauty, complemented by the red-orange mauli thread that gracefully attaches on both sides. The red-orange mauli thread elegantly binds the purple stone rakhi, symbolizing the eternal connection between siblings. The lumba, with its single mauli thread and fancy lock, adds a touch of finesse to this lovingly crafted set. Those who revel in the beauty of simplicity and elegance, will love the simple charm of the Rakhi! This rakhi transcends the ordinary and embodies the essence of love and affection. Celebrate the joy of sibling bonds with the Morada Joya Rakhi – meaning – ‘purple jewel’! So, adorn your brother’s wrist with this exquisite token of love and witness the magic of simplicity transforming into eternal elegance.

  • Samridhi Bhaiya Babhi Rakhi

    Immerse yourself in the elegance of the resplendent ‘Samridhi Bhaiya Babhi Rakhi’, a harmonious blend of artistry and sentimentality. Its allure lies in the mesmerizing translucent green stone, nestled gracefully within the center of 18k gold plated brass metal, exuding an aura of sophistication. The Bhaiya rakhi boasts a bold rectangular design, accentuated by a beautiful single stone, symbolizing the unwavering bond shared with your dear brother. Bound by a vibrant red-orange thread signifies the warmth and love that binds your hearts together. For the beloved Bhabhi, a magnificent roundish stone steals the spotlight, its shapeless form reflecting the boundless love she brings to your family. Adorned with a dainty smaller stone below, it adds a touch of delicacy to this captivating piece. Embracing the Bhabhi rakhi, a gold plated brass metal trace chain, complete with a lobster claw lock, imparts an air of exclusivity, underscoring the significance of this cherished bond. Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with the Samridhi Bhaiya that makes the occasion truly unforgettable.

  • Sunshine Rakhi

    Brighten up the festival of love and affection with this playful rakhi for kids! The ‘Sunshine Rakhi’ is a true embodiment of joy and charm, perfect for kids celebrating the bond of siblings. Its enchanting design features four different colored seed bead strings, lovingly bunched together and adorned with golden round beads at equal intervals, exuding a lively and vibrant aura. The captivating hues of yellow, blue, white, and green come together in a harmonious dance of colors, creating an eye-catching spectacle that is sure to capture the attention of kids and adults alike. Let the Sunshine Rakhi ignite the spirit of togetherness and spread smiles all around as your kid ties it on their beloved sibling’s wrist. Embrace the warmth of this uniquely crafted Rakhi, and make this festival an unforgettable celebration of love!

  • Bumble Bee Rakhi

    Designing rakhis for kids is a job filled with fun! Because,kids’ rakhis are the most vibrant and lively that spreads the joy around. This festive season, Izzhaar brings a sparkling range of kids Rakhis to double the joy of the festivity! The ‘Bumble Bee Rakhi’ is a buzzing delight for this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan! This enchanting rakhi is a beautiful blend of colors and textures, crafted to captivate hearts. Embodying the charm of nature’s finest pollinator, it boasts black, yellow, white, and golden seed beads beautifully embroidered on a sturdy foundation fabric. What sets it apart is the dual-sided attachment adorned with multicolored thread strings, enhancing its playfulness. On the left side, hues of pink, purple, blue, and green create a kaleidoscope of joy, while the right side bursts with a fiery fusion of red, orange, yellow, and pink, adding vibrancy to the festivities. Completing this masterpiece are delicate transparent beads on each side, adding a touch of elegance. Perfect for kids, the Bumble Bee Rakhi promises to be the sweetest and most cherished symbol of love between siblings, celebrating the bond in the most delightful way possible!

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