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  • Smoked Snow Glass Vase (Round)

    Accentuate your room with the Smoked Snow glass vase. Coming with a remarkable matching glass lid, add to your room a finishing touch and make it look majestic and regal. The artistic touch completes your room’s look and is perfect for elevating any place it is kept in. The glass jar comes in a smoky brown color with deep oval textures which adds a luxe style to your place. This stunning vase will give a touch of luxury to your home because of its unique colour and shape. As a centrepiece, this gorgeous hand-blown glass vase works beautifully.

  • Grey Snow

    Grey Snow Glass Vase (Medium)

    Add a distinctive oval ribbed patterned Grey Snow Medium glass vase to your home’s decor. It was meticulously made by hand with fervour and emotion. The glass vase is multi-functional and ideal for storing candles, chocolates, or other delights in style. Give your room a magnetic personality to show off your gracious hospitality. Display this vase proudly in your living room or bedroom to make a statement.

  • Gold Snow Rocabar Glass Box

    Izzhaar brings the spectacular Gold Snow Rocabar round glass box specially hand-crafted for you to elevate and enrich your lifestyle. Now, don’t just keep things, flaunt your goodies storage with style and flair. Coming with a matching quilt patterned glass lid, this piece helps you in keeping items secure. The deep square cut pattern on the box gives it a contemporary and chic look.

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