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  • State Cheese Marker Set

    Mark your cheese platter with Izzhaar’s unique State Cheese Marker Set. Add grace to your cheese platters and give the servings a regal feel. Made of fine metal with embellished gold plating, the cheese markers are also perfect for marking cupcakes, food, or other charcuterie food items. Now, tag your all food items with added elegance and impartiality. Get it for your table decor or make your family members, relatives, or friends. fine evening party more charismatic with these metal cheese markers.

  • Gold Glam Dessert Set

    Introducing our exquisite cutlery set, featuring a knife and spatula designed for the modern home cook. Crafted with premium materials and expert craftsmanship, this set is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Both the knife and spatula feature a sleek and modern design that will complement any kitchen decor. They are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning and maintenance, making them the perfect choice for busy home cooks. With its exceptional quality and versatility, it will quickly become a favorite in your kitchen arsenal. So why wait Treat yourself to the best in culinary tools and order our cutlery set today!

  • Good News Scroll

    Introducing our Good News Scroll in a Metal Holder – a unique and meaningful way to celebrate life’s most joyous moments! Crafted from high-quality metal, the holder features an intricate and elegant design that complements any decor. It’s designed to hold a beautifully printed scroll that features your good news – whether it’s a wedding announcement, a new baby, a promotion at work, or any other milestone worth celebrating.

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