We at Izhaar customise our products to transform an idea of a client into an expressive masterpiece thus the process begins with an initial meeting to understand client requirements relating to the occasion.

Customised Corporate Gift

A corporate gift is a gesture of appreciation or gratitude you give your employees, shareholders and clients. A gift from the employer will boost the morale of the employees and inspire them to do a better job and remain loyal to the company.
At Izzhaar, we understand the importance of gifting clients and employees with something they’ll value and cherish. We have a wide selection of customised corporate gift ideas to give your team members a delightful surprise.
Be it for festivals, year-end celebrations or the successful completion of a project, a thoughtful gift can be motivating and encouraging in many ways.

Premium Corporate Gift Supplier in India

Izzhaar believes in quality. Our collection consists of premium corporate gifts carefully curated to help you choose the perfect gift for your employees or clients. For more than a year, employees have been working from home and putting in long hours to finish the projects on time.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to surprise them with a luxury corporate gift as a gesture of your appreciation? Izzhaar accepts bulk orders for corporate gifts and customises them to suit your specifications.
You can brainstorm the gift ideas with our team. We’ll help you finalise the right corporate gift within the company’s budget limitations.

Luxury Gift Hampers for CEO

What do you gift the CEO of a company? What can be better than personalised corporate gifts for CEOs and top management who are responsible for taking the business to new heights? Check out our collection at Izzhaar and contact the team to share your ideas.
We’ll create luxury gift hampers for CEOs just the way you want them. From exotic fruit baskets for the health-conscious to high-end gift baskets for the fashion-conscious, choose a corporate gift that feels special and personal.
Our delivery services are available throughout India. Place your order and leave the rest in our hands.

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Q1. What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

You can choose a range of corporate gifts for employees. From stainless steel containers to customised gift baskets, personalised mugs, pens, pen stands, planners and so on, there are several gift ideas to choose from. Check out the gifting options at Izzhaar to select a premium corporate gift for your employees. Our team will help you shortlist the probable options based on the nature of your business and the overall impression of your employees.

Q2. Where can I buy personalised corporate gifts online in India?

You can buy personalised corporate gifts online in India from Izzhaar. Go through the collection on our website and send us a WhatsApp message to set up the meeting. We specialise in bulk personalised gifts for corporate no matter what the occasion is. We guarantee on-time deliveries of your order.

Q3. Which are the largest/best corporate gift providers in India?

Izzhaar is one of the best and largest providers of corporate gifts in India. Our online store is always open for business representatives and owners to contact us with bulk orders for corporate gifts. From Diwali gifts to New Year gifts for VIP clients and employees, we offer an array of corporate gift ideas to choose from. Our collections include traditional, conservative, contemporary, stylish, exclusive and luxury corporate gifts suitable for all stakeholders in the business.

Q4. Which is the best corporate gifting website?

Izzhaar is the best corporate gifting website. We don’t stock run-of-the-mill products or suggest gifts that offer little value to employees and clients. We aim to strengthen the bond between your business and stakeholders by suggesting personalised gift ideas that represent your relationship. A gift card does the job, but then it’s not personal and doesn’t convey how much the employees matter to the business. Similarly, bulk orders don’t have to mean cheap products. Izzhaar boasts of a collection of luxury corporate gifts for employees, clients and CEOs. Give people something they’ll love, that too as per your specifications.

Q5. What are good corporate gift ideas for media agencies?

Well, given that media agencies are always stressed and running around for news bites, the employees might like something calming and relaxing like a mini-bar hamper or a wellness gift box. Useful gifts such as planners, reusable water bottles, personalised pens and phone cases also work. Fruit hampers and gourmet foods also make good corporate gifts for media agencies. Contact our team at Izzhaar to come up with the perfect gift idea for media agencies.

Q6. How do I choose corporate gift items?

The following are some useful tips to choose corporate gift items: Personalise instead of generalising Align the gift with the company’s values and beliefs Focus on quality even for bulk orders Keep it practical and real Gift something the employee can enjoy with family Don’t go overboard with branding (a gift should look like a gift) Gift something employees would be proud to flaunt Want a simpler method to choose corporate gift items? Order them at Izzhaar. We will arrange a meeting to understand your requirements and provide the best options.