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Primal Instincts Jungle Jubilee


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The Primal Instincts Jungle Jubilee takes its inspiration from the flora and fauna of the bright jungle. The 3-set cushions capture the liveliness, vigor, and radiance of Mother Nature in your place. They give much-needed upliftment and change to your beloved place, be it your home, garden, car, or any other place.

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The comfort of cotton chenille cloth, the sophistication of the soothing color intricate yarn embroidery of wild animals and birds along with the embellishment of glass beads and pearl beads, and colorful pom poms on all four corners make the cushions ravishing and outstanding. The wild animals and bird embroidery are done in a way that they are giving a 3D effect that makes the embroidered animals or birds look real. The smart and sensual piece addition can be an icebreaker in a crowded room and make your parties or even solo time a great time. The cushion sets are perfect for a home, garden, car, or decoration, and also appropriate for gifting to your loved ones as they are absolutely going to love it. Coming in natural colors, they are bereft of any harmful, chemical colors making them safe for all age groups. 


Collection Name: Primal Instincts
Fabric: Cotton Velvet Base
Quantity: Set of 3
Surface Embellishment: Yarn Embroidery

Cushion Cover: 50×50 cm (1pcs)
Cushion Cover: 50×50 cm  (1pcs)
Cushion with Filler: 40×61 cm (1pcs)

Wash & Care: Dry clean only.

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Primal Instincts






Cotton Velvet Base & Black




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Softer Fabric with Richer Feel:

The soft fabric of the Primal Instinct Jungle Jubilee cushions is made of cotton chenille which is the secret behind the smooth and softer. The elegant embroidery and the glass and pearl beads embellishments add an elegant and majestic feel to it. 


Durable with Rich Experience:

The cotton chenille cloth is known for its durability along with offering a soft and feathery texture. The cushions are embroidered with intricate detailing of wild elements of the jungle, by embossing the elements with glass and pearl beads which makes them quite richer.  


Handcrafted by Traditional Masters:

The traditional craftsperson and maestros are behind the ornate embroidery and embellishment of Primal Instincts Jungle Jubilee cushions. The jungle-themed cushions encaptivate the attraction, appeal, and magic of its to give you and your guests the next-level experience. 


Regal Design:

The regal design of the Primal Instincts Jungle Jubilee cushions is so lush and energetic that they instantly change the mood and ambiance of the place they are set in. They bring life to any party, bring energy to any conversation, and showcase your rich taste to your friends, family, and friends.

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Primal Instincts Jungle Jubilee


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