Unique New Year Gifting Ideas for Office Employees in 2022

Unique New Year Gifting Ideas for Office Employees in 2022

Owning a company is indeed a huge responsibility. The business will flourish when your employees and clients are happy, isn’t it? Showing office employees that you care can go a long way in establishing the bond and strengthening it.

Year-end celebrations like Christmas and New Year are wonderful opportunities to present your office employees with gift items they’ll love. Izzhaar has a vast collection of bespoke gift items for various occasions. You can order the existing products or contact us to create customized gift hampers and personalized gifts for your office employees. 

In the meantime, let’s check out some unique New Year gifting ideas for your employees? Let’s look! 

Unique Corporate New Year Gifts for Employees

Leather Briefcase and Planner 

Nothing says corporate like a leather briefcase and a year planner. Why not gift the same to your employees this coming New Year? You can send out the gifts in advance as a surprise. You can also include free passes to yearly celebrations as an extra treat for your employees. They sure will love it! 

Personalized Perfume Box 

Peshkari perfume box has personalized perfumes to suit each employee. Though the box typically has perfumes for couples, you can get the perfume box customized based on what your employees would like. You ask, we deliver. 

Mini-Bar Hamper  

Special occasions call for special gift boxes, right? What better than delicious liquor and free time to enjoy the year-end? The mini-bar hamper includes miniature liquor and eatables from our high-quality Izzhaar Gourmet collection. 

Santorini Container Set 

A touch of Mediterranean will never fail to bring some cheer and delight. Our Santorini container set is a collection of three pieces with beautiful designs. The serving plate and two jars (with lids) will brighten any shelf. Gift your employees a little Mediterranean spark to welcome the New Year.

Florence Collection – Coco Dusted Almonds in Exquisite Containers 

After Greece, it’s time to bring Italy to India. The coco-dusted almonds in glossy containers are a treat for the eyes and tummy. You can’t go wrong with it for Christmas gifts for employees. Leave the presentation in our hands, and we’ll ensure that your employees are awed by the gift you chose from them. 

Peshkari Gold Sweet Box 

The Peshkari gold gift box is inspired by the Amer Fort in Jaipur. It’s a classy square box used to store an assortment of items. Fill the box with exclusive Izzhaar Gourmet sweets and chocolates.

Assorted Chocolate Goodies

Nothing is as hassle-free as assorted chocolate goodies. At Izzhaar, we have drool-worthy assortments made using the finest chocolate to create an unforgettable experience for your employees. 

Candle Stands 

Silver candle stands at Izzhaar look different from the average candelabras, and that’s what makes them unique. Each time your employees see the candle stand on the mantel, they’ll feel a sense of pride for being associated with your business.  

Mustang Large Hamper

Our Mustang large hamper is a lovely set of New Year gifts, including mustang themed tray, photo frame, sweet box, trinity jar, and goodie jar. Fill up the jars with your choice of sweets from our wide range of Gourmet collections. 

Silver Realm Vase 

Made using ceramic and metal, the realm vase is famous for its minimalistic design. Your employees can use the vase at home or in their office cabins. 

Assorted Fresh Fruit Hamper 

Fruits are healthy and colorful. Gifting employees an assortment of fresh fruits is a way of saying that you care about their health. Trust our delivery services to deliver the fruit hamper on time. 

Abstract Leaf Sculpture 

A metallic leaf abstract showpiece can sit anywhere and brighten up the space. If you want a common gift idea for every employee, check this out! 

Assorted Brownies and Cookies 

One of our famous gift ideas for employees is cake. Yes! We bake fresh cakes and cookies using premium quality dry fruits and ingredients. From a selection of brownies to a variety of cookies, cakes, and pies, welcome New Year with the yummiest Izzhaar Gourmet collection. 

Personalized Stationery 

If you want a personal touch in gifting your employees for the New Year, check out our extensive collection of personalized stationery. Let your employees feel special as they use personalized envelopes, cards, etc., to share wishes and greetings with their loved ones. 


We hope you found some worthy ideas from our fifteen unique luxury gift ideas for office employees. Even though the pandemic has resulted in most employees working from home, a token of appreciation will cheer them up. 

This holiday season, check out the best corporate gift ideas on Izzhaar and bring a smile to every employee’s face. Contact us today to order personalized gifts. 

Happy Holidays!

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