Celebrate Lohri 2022 with Izzhaar!

Celebrate Lohri 2022 with Izzhaar!

Lohri, like most other Indian festivals, is associated with farmers’ agricultural work. It is the commencement of the harvesting period in Punjab, as well as the ending of the colder months. In most regions of the country, Lohri comes on the last day of the month of Paush, which is known as Makar Sankranti. Each year, Lohri falls on the 13th of January, as per the English calendar. Currently, the theme of Lohri revolves around bonfires, exotic meals, lohri hampers, and dancing to hit chartbuster melodies.

But do you know what a sacred bonfire means in the Lohri custom, and why people gather around it after the sun sets? It has a deeper significance, that is all about giving thanks to the almighty while swaying to the sounds of the dhol and feasting. It is a Punjabi festival that is primarily observed in India’s northwestern states.

The cheerful and long-awaited festival of Lohri 2022 has arrived. As a result, this is a lively time for people living in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi-NCR and other adjacent states to just get up and start planning for the Lohri celebrations.

Lohri is all about dancing and gifting delectable treats to your loved ones. You must have decided what to give them as a gift, but if you’re having trouble coming up with a good Lohri gift idea, don’t worry since Izzhaar has a lucrative selection of Lohri gifts.

Don’t panic now as we are going to share some brilliant options for Lohri gifts :

The Loi Torso: When you’re going to celebrate Lohri with your family and friends, why not put a big smile by presenting them with a trunk packed with delicacies? Not only would this be a splendid lohri gifting option for expressing your gratitude and affection for your near and dear ones, but it would be a remarkable Lohri gift also. This especially made hamper will perfectly match the lohri vibes at your place.

The Woody Utopia:

How could we forget to gift sweet hampers to our loved ones at an Indian festival? You may think it’s an outdated concept, but trust us when we say that if it’s filled with your loved one’s favorite sweet delights, it’ll bring a grin to their face. Nothing would be better than enjoying the chilly winter season and Lohri with such super delicious Ladoos in this beautiful set by Izzhaar.

The Blazening Felicit

The chequered floral basket with the most suitable hues for this Lohri season will be a perfect lohri favor for you and your family. Nothing could be more enjoyable for your loved ones this Lohri than receiving a pack of delectable gajjak or chikkis as a Lohri gift. So fill this beautiful basket with Lohri special chikkis and savories to greet your friends and family.

Stairway of Savories

Stack your favorite savories in this wooden staircase, made out of finest wood which will enhance the charm of your celebrations. What can be more satisfying than gifting the most delicious lohri sweets by Izzhaar to your dear ones.

We hope the lohri gift ideas discussed above were fruitful to you. Get in touch with Izzhaar to see the Lohri collection for gifting by Izzhaar!

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