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Discover the art of gifting with our curated collection of festival and occasion gifts. From holiday presents to anniversary tokens and birthday milestones, our thoughtful gestures are designed to celebrate special moments and create unforgettable memories. These heartwarming expressions of affection are timeless traditions that help you express love and gratitude. Explore our range of treasured keepsakes, carefully selected for meaningful connections and cherished memories

  • Roman Photoframe

    Your favourite pictures never looked this good. IZZHAAR brings to you the spectacular “Roman” collection. Reminisce all your beautiful memories with your loved ones with a photo frame that is as astonishing as the times and the people. Crafted by the finest craftsmen, the intricate details with a classic roman architecture theme are an amazing gifting option. The eye-catching design of the frame is a definite head-turner.

  • Dragon fly Photoframe

    Introducing our Dragonfly Baby Photoframe, a charming and whimsical way to display your precious memories of your little one.
    Crafted from high-quality materials, this photoframe boasts a unique and playful design that is perfect for showcasing your baby’s photo. The frame is made from a sturdy resin material, with an intricate dragonfly design that is sure to capture the attention of anyone who sees it.

  • 50th Anniversary Photoframe

    Share the joy on this special occasion of the 50th golden jubilee anniversary with this photo frame. It’s a perfect way to showcase a couple’s love and commitment to each other over the years.
    Add a Victorian charm to your memories with our 50th-anniversary photo frame. The beautiful golden hue and fine detailing of the floral motif on this frame make it a covetable piece of decoration.

  • Love Birds Photoframe Hanging

    Cute little metal lovebirds photo frame. It will light up your little corner!
    The photo frames are uniquely accessorized with the aim of instilling the children’s choices. The photo frame may be used to preserve the spirit of childhood, such as a favorite photo of kids or toddlers. A perfect gift for parents of newborn babies, this adorable photo frame lets you display your baby’s photos with love and affection in the baby’s bedroom by the crib or bedside table.

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