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Round-The-Clock Luxury Gifting – The Selective Gifts of a Curated Collection to Make Every Celebration Opulent

  • Brass Cutlery Holder (Golden)

    Elevate your dining experience with the Izzhaar Twin Cutlery Holder – a perfect fusion of functionality and elegance. Crafted with precision by master artisans, this tumbler-shaped holder boasts a rustic shimmer of brass, adding a timeless charm to your table setting. Organize your cutlery with flair in its dual compartments, showcasing the artistry of metalwork. Immerse yourself in the rich craftsmanship and make every fork, knife, and spoon find its own stylish stage. An ideal and thoughtful gift for any occasion, this meticulously crafted holder is a stunning addition to enhance the aesthetic of your dining space.

  • Peacock & Macau Cushion Cover Basket

    Give your space a festive makeover with our Peacock & Macau Cushion Covers Basket – an ideal Christmas gift! Unveil 2 Peacock cushion covers and 1 Macau pillow in a chic jute basket, offering a cozy and stylish embrace for the holidays. Crafted from premium cotton chenille, the Primal Instincts Peacock and Macau cushion ranges provide luxurious comfort with an exotic jungle-themed spirit, adding allure to your home decor.

  • Dot Visage Desk Decor Box

    Gift sophistication, unwrap elegance – Dot Visage, where every piece is a curated symphony of timeless artistry. Encased in a stunning black gift box, this exclusive collection, inspired by Piero Fornasetti, features a photo frame, stationary box, gourmet, and exotic candle. Crafted from premium materials, each piece narrates a story of refined luxury, making every gifting moment an artful masterpiece.

  • Midnight Hibiscus Scented Candle Jar (Black)

    Crafted with care the black scented soy wax candle features a captivating rose design Non-toxic and soot-free it enhances your space with tranquil fragrances After use repurpose the jar as a chic trinket container

  • Midnight Hibiscus Scented Candle Jar (White)

    Crafted with care the white scented soy wax candle features a captivating rose design Non-toxic and soot-free it enhances your space with tranquil fragrances After use repurpose the jar as a chic trinket container

  • Golden Forest Candle Holder

    Imagine having a natural theme for your living room. Lit a candle in this elegant centerpiece and the twinkle of gleam passing through the hazel glass would create the ambiance for a memorable time together.This candle holder is elegantly crafted with a luxurious finish that adds a touch of glamour to the overall design. This seemingly rustic, yet modernly exquisite candle holder is designed to admirably adorn the corner of your home, illuminating every corner with evocative reflections.

  • Khatirdari Nut Stand Gold

    Unleash opulence with our 2-tier Snack Stand – where snacks become a symphony of sophistication! Suspended like jewels, three dazzling glass jars on a brass-accented golden pedestal redefine hosting. Elevate your gatherings, serve treats with unparalleled style, and dive into the enchanting ‘Khatirdari collection’ by Izzhaar. Transform moments into memories with bespoke luxury gifts online – because every nibble deserves a touch of refined taste!

  • Dot Visage Powder Room Elegance

    Izzhaar’s ‘Dot Visage Powder Room Elegance’ hamper is the epitome of refined luxury. Featuring a Tissue Box, Candle Jar, and Exotic Diffuser set, it blends quirky charm with timeless elegance. Inspired by Italian fashion art and adorned with Lina Cavalieri’s iconic face print, this sustainable MDF hamper, packed in a sleek black box, transcends utility to become a decorative accent. A versatile and meaningful gift, perfect for elevating daily routines and sparking conversations on special occasions.

  • Tureen Trio Bowl Hamper

    Transform your hosting experience with the Tureen Trio Bowl Stand — a stainless steel bowl set that combines aesthetics with modern utility. Apm up your culinary finesse and celebrate every occasion in style. Packaged in a chic French toile print gift box, this regal set is more than a gift; it’s an expression of sophistication. Unleash your creativity, turning it into a serving spectacle or a chic shagun gift. Make every celebration memorable with this stunning trio bowl stand.

  • Tureen Panch Bowl Hamper

    Five sleek stainless steel bowls poised on a stand exude modern charm, topped with opulent gold tuft knobs for added luxury. Beyond nut-serving, these bowls showcase culinary creativity, organize skincare essentials, or grace your workspace. The Tureen Nut Bowl set transforms into a stylish organizer, ideal for gifting, reflecting your style. Elevate celebrations with an elegant and versatile present. Discover endless ways to infuse panache into daily life with this curated set.

  • Khatirdari 2 Tier Nuts Stand (Gold)

    Izzhaar’s ‘Khatirdari’ Collection unveils the 2 Tier Nuts Stand—a refined blend of elegance and functionality. The rustic brass stand, meticulously adorned with golden accents, perfectly elevates your hosting experience by allowing you to serve a variety of nuts, snacks, cookies, and savouries simultaneously. Enhanced by gold spoons, four hammered glass jars gracefully sway from intertwining rings. Izzhaar’s signature packaging preserves its elegance, making it a cherished keepsake. Gift this hamper to your loved ones and make their celebration a memorable affair!.

  • Mini Cocktail Bar Set

    Discover gifting perfection with the Izzhaar Mini Cocktail Bar Set—crafted from premium brass and wood, it blends luxury with exceptional utility. The tool set’s seamless design, including a wooden-adorned cylindrical brass dome with an anti-slip base, exudes elegance. Completed with a textured wooden muddler, stainless steel strainer, bottle opener, and jigger, all housed in a refined stand, it’s presented in Izzhaar’s signature packaging. An ideal corporate, birthday, or anniversary gift, this set elevates any celebration with joy.

  • IZZHAAR Tureen Zumra Bowl Hamper

    Enhance your dining area with our Tureen Zumra serving bowls, curated by Izzhaar and inspired by Arabian designs. This stainless steel set, showcased in captivating packaging, boasts five intricately hammered bowls encircling a central masterpiece on a sleek pedestal. Packaged elegantly in a toile print square box with French toile print and decorative robbins, it’s a hassle-free gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, housewarmings, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or baby showers—eliminating last-minute hassles.

  • Timber Tales Exotic Cheese Platter Set

    Discover the ideal gift in the Timber Tales Exotic Cheese Platter by Izzhaar, crafted from pure, eco-friendly wood. This large serving platter not only enhances culinary presentation but also embraces a healthy lifestyle. Its unique rotating design effortlessly showcases a variety of treats, complete with stackable bowls and cheese knives. Easy maintenance and impeccable craftsmanship make it a sophisticated addition to gatherings. Beautifully presented in an Izzhaar signature gift box, get ready to impress!

  • Greek Mystery – Marble Candle Jar

    Greek Mystery is an aromatic affair and romance of Ylang Ylang, Juniper, and Neroli. Transcend into the world of mysticism and arouse your deepest sensations with the charming and unique candle set. Coming in a marble jar, it enhances the allure of your home and gives it a personalized touch of love, care, and warmth. The addition of a golden brass lid with a majestic mustang print makes the whole relaxing and rejuvenating affair a regal one. Enjoy the smoke-free fragrance of redolent candles made from Japanese Soy Wax. Your luxe candle comes with two wooden wicks that give you a soot-free bouquet. Pique the coziness of your evening with this ambrosial ambiance.

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