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  • 50Th Gold Rose

    Nothing better than this metal-cut gold rose as a luxurious souvenir for your loved ones? 50th anniversary or 50th Birthday. Our 50th Gold Rose anniversary, birthday souvenir features a metal rose that has been carefully preserved to show your love and appreciation for someone special on their special day. It is a thoughtful gift for your spouse, parents, grandparents, or any other special couple or individual who is celebrating their 50th anniversary or birthday.

  • Brass Cutlery Holder (Golden)

    Elevate your dining experience with the Izzhaar Twin Cutlery Holder – a perfect fusion of functionality and elegance. Crafted with precision by master artisans, this tumbler-shaped holder boasts a rustic shimmer of brass, adding a timeless charm to your table setting. Organize your cutlery with flair in its dual compartments, showcasing the artistry of metalwork. Immerse yourself in the rich craftsmanship and make every fork, knife, and spoon find its own stylish stage. An ideal and thoughtful gift for any occasion, this meticulously crafted holder is a stunning addition to enhance the aesthetic of your dining space.

  • Dot Visage Tea Hamper

    Dazzle your senses with Dot Visage, a spectacular tea hamper where beauty meets tea. Elevate your tea time with a stunning ensemble – a tea storing box, 2 gourmet jars, 2 exquisite ceramic tea cups, 2 dazzling stainless steel spoons, and 4 coasters. Crafted for aesthetics and functionality, Dot Visage transforms your tea moments into a symphony of elegance, offering a visual and tasteful journey in every sip.

  • Lilac Tea Hamper

    Immerse your senses in the enchanting Lilac Tea Hamper—a tea connoisseur’s delight. This exquisite ensemble features a lilac-themed tea storage box, gourmet jars, delicate ceramic cups, stainless steel spoons, and coordinating coasters. With a storage capacity of 20-30 tea bags, elevate your tea rituals with a perfect blend of beauty and flavor for moments of tranquility and indulgence.

  • Roman Tea Hamper

    Journey to ancient Greece with our Roman Tea Hamper—a luxurious masterpiece featuring a Roman-inspired tea storage box for 20-30 tea bags. Paired with gourmet jars, ceramic cups, and stainless steel spoons adorned with Roman motifs, this ensemble seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality, offering a royal tea experience that transcends time.

  • Mustang 2.0 Tea Hamper

    Ignite your tea experience with Izzhaar’s Mustang 2.0 Tea Hamper — a limited edition tribute to the American frontier’s elegance. Revel in the extraordinary with a specially crafted tea box featuring the iconic Mustang print, sustainable design, and curated gourmet elements. An opulent gift, it includes 20-30 tea bags, two jars, two cups, and spoons, all presented on a unique Mustang 2.0 tray.

  • Gingham Tea Hamper

    Izzhaar’s Gingham Cappuccino Tea Hamper is a stylish fusion of form and function. The royal cappuccino-printed tea box, crafted from sustainable MDF, showcases a modern slant cuboidal design. With a storing capacity of 20-30 tea bags, it’s complemented by gourmet jars, tea cups, and stainless steel spoons, elegantly arranged on the exclusive Gingham Cappuccino tray.

  • Missoni Tea Hamper

    Embrace a sip of elegance with our Green Missoni Print Tea Hamper, a fusion of flavor and design. Missoni’s iconic green patterns adorn a curated set, featuring a tea box with space for 20-30 tea bags,two gourmet jars, two stainless steel spoons, two ceramic tea cups, and 4 coasters all exclusively placed on the exclusive Green Missoni tray. Elevate your tea ritual into a gallery of taste.

  • Mustang 3.0 Tea Hamper

    Impress your loved ones with Izzhaar’s Mustang 3.0 Tea Hamper – a regal fusion of white, gold, and royal tones. This in-house print marvel includes a tea box with a storing capacity of 20-30 bags, gourmet jars, stainless steel spoons, ceramic cups, and coasters, all gracefully nestled on the exclusive Mustang 3.0 tray. Indulge in opulence effortlessly with easy upkeep. Elevate your gifting experience.

  • Sunshine Tea Hamper

    Experience pure bliss with our Sunshine Tea Hamper—a beautifully assorted tea platter ensemble. The tea box boasts a storing capacity of 20-30 tea bags, complemented by 2 gourmet jars, 2 stainless steel spoons, 2 ceramic cups, and 4 coasters. All elegantly presented on a Sunshine Tea tray for a delightful and sophisticated tea time experience.

  • Golden Reigndeer Tumbler Jar Delight

    Delight your loved ones with the Golden Reindeer Tumbler Jar—an exquisite Christmas gift in a vibrant green box adorned with a golden deer. This stylish ceramic jar is a thoughtful present for various occasions, combining elegance, practicality, and multi-utility beyond just kitchen functionality. Cherish festive moments with this unique gift.

  • Merry Berry Bliss Cake Inara Dome

    Celebrate Christmas in style with the Tureen Cupcake Dome from Izzhaar’s INARA Collection. The fusion of aesthetics and utility makes it a perfect addition to your festive decor and an ideal gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Transform your celebrations into memorable experiences with this elegant masterpiece.

  • Peacock & Macau Cushion Cover Basket

    Give your space a festive makeover with our Peacock & Macau Cushion Covers Basket – an ideal Christmas gift! Unveil 2 Peacock cushion covers and 1 Macau pillow in a chic jute basket, offering a cozy and stylish embrace for the holidays. Crafted from premium cotton chenille, the Primal Instincts Peacock and Macau cushion ranges provide luxurious comfort with an exotic jungle-themed spirit, adding allure to your home decor.

  • Mustang Photoframe

    IZZHAAR showcases the beautiful Mustang Collection. Cherish all your beautiful memories with a photo frame that is as lovely as the times and the people. Capture those beautiful memories frame them in this stylish rectangular family photo frame by Izzhaar. The Mustang photo frame by Izzhaar is a unique and resplendent piece to capture the most beautiful moments in your life.

  • Peshkari Gold Photoframe

    IZZHAAR showcases the stunning “Peshkari collection”. Peshkari is popularly known for its Thikri Rajasthani prints. Reminisce all your beautiful memories with a photo frame that is as astonishing as the times and the people. The picture frame mirrors the history of India, inspired by the intricate mesmerizing architecture of the Amer Fort.

  • Roman Photoframe

    Your favourite pictures never looked this good. IZZHAAR brings to you the spectacular “Roman” collection. Reminisce all your beautiful memories with your loved ones with a photo frame that is as astonishing as the times and the people. Crafted by the finest craftsmen, the intricate details with a classic roman architecture theme are an amazing gifting option. The eye-catching design of the frame is a definite head-turner.

  • Gingham Cappuccino Photoframe

    IZZHAAR showcases the amazing Gingham Cappuccino range. Reminisce all your beautiful memories with a photo frame that is as astonishing as the times and the people. Capture those beautiful memories frame them in this stylish rectangular family photo frame by IZZHAAR.

  • Mustang Retro Photoframe Hamper

    Complementing the photoframe is the Mustang Retro Exotic Candle, elegantly paper-wrapped for added visual appeal. This candle not only adds a touch of warmth and coziness to any space but also enhances the overall gifting experience, creating a multisensory celebration of the season. The Mustang Gift Box, meticulously designed, adds an element of surprise to the unwrapping, ensuring that the recipient is greeted with a sense of anticipation and joy.


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