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  • Zinn Vistosa Pot with Wooden Stand

    Elevate your space with our sea green Table Planter and wooden stand, an oasis of calm. Crafted from high-quality tin with a delicate pastel sea green finish, it exudes elegance. Perfect for birthday parties, it’s ideal for stylishly displaying dry snacks, becoming the focal point of celebration. Unleash your artistic flair by transforming it into a personalized gift hamper, a heartwarming gesture for special occasions. The wooden stand base, reminiscent of a planter, along with the wooden side handles, adds style and functionality. Beyond parties, it serves as a captivating centerpiece, a tasteful catch-all tray, or a unique planter holder, infusing your space with natural charm. Use it for serving, decorating, optimizing your space, or gifting. Let your creativity flow with our sea green Table Planter.

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