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Roman Tea Hamper

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Journey to ancient Greece with our Roman Tea Hamper—a luxurious masterpiece featuring a Roman-inspired tea storage box for 20-30 tea bags. Paired with gourmet jars, ceramic cups, and stainless steel spoons adorned with Roman motifs, this ensemble seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality, offering a royal tea experience that transcends time.

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Begin a journey back to the Greek era with our Roman Tea Hamper, a masterpiece of opulence and taste. This regal ensemble unveils a Roman-inspired tea storage box, generously accommodating 20-30 tea bags. It is flanked by two lavish gourmet jars, two ceramic cups, and two stainless steel spoons. Immerse yourself in the tactile delight of two finely crafted ceramic tea cups, stirred with the elegance of two stainless steel spoons. Adorned with intricate Roman motifs, this hamper seamlessly marries aesthetics and functionality. Elevate your tea rituals with four coordinating coasters, each a canvas of luxury. Indulge in the artistry of Roman sophistication, where history, flavor, and elegance converge for a truly royal tea experience. Unwrap the allure of time-traveling indulgence with every sip.

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MDF Wood ,Tin ,Steel & Cermic

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Craftsmanship: Indulge in opulence with our Roman Tea Hamper—featuring a Roman-inspired tea box, intricate motifs, and royal-grade ceramics.

Usability: Elevate tea time effortlessly with our royal Roman Tea Hamper, blending style and function with gourmet jars, stainless steel spoons, ceramic cups, and coordinating coasters.

Gifting: Placing all tea essentials on a Roman tray transforms it into an ideal hamper for any occasion, perfect for elevating your gifting experience with Roman sophistication and a royal tea touch.

Material: Crafted from high-quality MDF, Tin, and Ceramic materials, Roman Tea Hamper radiates opulence, adding beauty to your surroundings with premium craftsmanship.


Product Care: Wipe each piece with a soft cloth. Keep Roman accents away from direct sunlight to preserve its sophisticated charm.

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