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  • Dot Visage Tea Hamper

    Dazzle your senses with Dot Visage, a spectacular tea hamper where beauty meets tea. Elevate your tea time with a stunning ensemble – a tea storing box, 2 gourmet jars, 2 exquisite ceramic tea cups, 2 dazzling stainless steel spoons, and 4 coasters. Crafted for aesthetics and functionality, Dot Visage transforms your tea moments into a symphony of elegance, offering a visual and tasteful journey in every sip.

  • Lilac Tea Hamper

    Immerse your senses in the enchanting Lilac Tea Hamper—a tea connoisseur’s delight. This exquisite ensemble features a lilac-themed tea storage box, gourmet jars, delicate ceramic cups, stainless steel spoons, and coordinating coasters. With a storage capacity of 20-30 tea bags, elevate your tea rituals with a perfect blend of beauty and flavor for moments of tranquility and indulgence.

  • Roman Tea Hamper

    Journey to ancient Greece with our Roman Tea Hamper—a luxurious masterpiece featuring a Roman-inspired tea storage box for 20-30 tea bags. Paired with gourmet jars, ceramic cups, and stainless steel spoons adorned with Roman motifs, this ensemble seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality, offering a royal tea experience that transcends time.

  • Mustang 2.0 Tea Hamper

    Ignite your tea experience with Izzhaar’s Mustang 2.0 Tea Hamper — a limited edition tribute to the American frontier’s elegance. Revel in the extraordinary with a specially crafted tea box featuring the iconic Mustang print, sustainable design, and curated gourmet elements. An opulent gift, it includes 20-30 tea bags, two jars, two cups, and spoons, all presented on a unique Mustang 2.0 tray.

  • Missoni Tea Hamper

    Embrace a sip of elegance with our Green Missoni Print Tea Hamper, a fusion of flavor and design. Missoni’s iconic green patterns adorn a curated set, featuring a tea box with space for 20-30 tea bags,two gourmet jars, two stainless steel spoons, two ceramic tea cups, and 4 coasters all exclusively placed on the exclusive Green Missoni tray. Elevate your tea ritual into a gallery of taste.

  • Mustang 3.0 Tea Hamper

    Impress your loved ones with Izzhaar’s Mustang 3.0 Tea Hamper – a regal fusion of white, gold, and royal tones. This in-house print marvel includes a tea box with a storing capacity of 20-30 bags, gourmet jars, stainless steel spoons, ceramic cups, and coasters, all gracefully nestled on the exclusive Mustang 3.0 tray. Indulge in opulence effortlessly with easy upkeep. Elevate your gifting experience.

  • Sunshine Tea Hamper

    Experience pure bliss with our Sunshine Tea Hamper—a beautifully assorted tea platter ensemble. The tea box boasts a storing capacity of 20-30 tea bags, complemented by 2 gourmet jars, 2 stainless steel spoons, 2 ceramic cups, and 4 coasters. All elegantly presented on a Sunshine Tea tray for a delightful and sophisticated tea time experience.

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