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Khatirdari Nut Stand Gold


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Unleash opulence with our 2-tier Snack Stand – where snacks become a symphony of sophistication! Suspended like jewels, three dazzling glass jars on a brass-accented golden pedestal redefine hosting. Elevate your gatherings, serve treats with unparalleled style, and dive into the enchanting ‘Khatirdari collection’ by Izzhaar. Transform moments into memories with bespoke luxury gifts online – because every nibble deserves a touch of refined taste!

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Drape your snacks in sophistication with our 2-tier Snack Stand – a golden tale of elegance and utility! Suspended like jewels, three dazzling glass jars, etched with mesmerizing raised vertical lines, dance on the golden pedestal. Elevate your hosting spree and serve nuts, dry fruits, and treats with unparalleled style. The opulent touch of gold metal stand, jar bases, and lids transforms every nibble into a luxurious affair. Whether adorning your home table or bestowed upon a cherished one, it’s a statement of refined taste. Dive into the enchanting world of ‘Khatirdari collection,’ where beauty seamlessly intertwines with functionality. Izzhaar brings bespoke luxury gifts online, ensuring your gifting experience is wrapped in curated perfection. Unveil rustic beauty within an Izzhaar signature gift box – the quintessential gift hamper for unforgettable moments!


Collection Name: Khatirdari
Material: Brass & Glass
Color: Golden
Dimension: 23*23*28 cm
Number of Items: 5

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Weight 3.060 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 30 cm







Brass & Glass



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Delivery 5-10 Working Days


Craftsmanship: Immerse snacks in elegance with our expertly crafted 2-tier Snack Stand from brass and glass, adorned with mesmerizing raised lines and opulent gold details. Packaged in an Izzhaar signature box, it’s the ultimate gift hamper for unforgettable moments!

Usability: Elevate hosting effortlessly. The functional design lets you serve nuts, dry fruits, and treats stylishly, a must-have for any occasion.

Gifting: Make a refined statement by adorning your table or gifting from Izzhaar’s ‘Khatirdari collection’ for a curated luxury experience.

Material: Opulent brass detail work beautifully blended with glass jars.



Product Care: Preserve the beauty with gentle cleaning and placement on a secure surface.

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Khatirdari Nut Stand Gold


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